Repairing an air conditioner is a difficult task that you probably don’t want to tackle on your own. However, the information you provide your HVAC specialist will be the first factor they consider when determining whether or not your air conditioner requires repair. If that’s the case, these are some of the things you might tell them when you call them. These are also indicators that you should make that phone call, as these issues are likely to worsen before they improve.

  1. Poor Air Flow From Air Conditioner

This is a very common symptom of air-conditioning issues, and it can be caused by a variety of factors. Simply put, if you place your hand near to the vent, you will see that there is very little, if any, airflow.

If you have this problem, you should contact us straight away because it’s very probable that it’s just a maintenance issue that has to be addressed. Second, even though your air conditioner is no longer cooling the room, it is still drawing a lot of electricity, which means you are paying for something you aren’t getting.

  • Constant Cycling On and Off

Humidity issues are one of the problems that frequently arise as a result of constant on and off. It’s possible that your air conditioner is too big for your home or company if it cycles very quickly. This is something you should have an HVAC specialist look into because you might be able to get by with a smaller system and get more efficient performance from it.

Call a professional if you continually hearing the unit turn on and off, even if you are getting adequate cooling from it.

  • Air Conditioner is Running, But Not Cooling

Your air conditioner is always running but the house isn’t cooling, which is a major sign that you have an AC problem. This could originate from a variety of places. It’s possible that you have a clogged filter that needs to be replaced. It’s also possible that air leaks have occurred in the ductwork, reducing the amount of airflow that the air conditioner can deliver to the rooms.

This is a problem that you should absolutely have an HVAC specialist check into. There are so many possible causes that narrowing them down and determining which one is the culprit might be difficult. You can end up hurting yourself if you try to address the problem yourself.

  • My Power Bills Are Very High After Running the AC

The costs of cooling a huge room with doors that are continually being opened and closed are unavoidable. However, even if the temperature stays the same, and those prices continue to rise dramatically, there is almost certainly a problem. The unit may be working far harder than it needs to chill the area, and there could be a variety of reasons for this, but only an HVAC professional will be able to determine what they are. The best time to contact an air conditioner repair business is as soon as you notice a problem. Call US Air Conditioning and Heating, our trained technicians will diagnose your problems and provide a solution!

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