Ductless Split Systems

US Air Conditioning & Heating leverages over 30 years of experience and a niche specialty in ductless split systems to provide cost-effective, versatile air conditioning solutions. Our contractors have in-depth expertise in the installation, repair, and maintenance of mini-split systems.

Discover the flexibility and energy efficiency of mini-split air conditioners in your home. Speak with one of our certified HVAC contractors now at (818) 207-1245.

Professional Mini-Split AC Services

Ductless split systems are revolutionizing the way home and business owners cool their properties. These units are incredibly flexible and budget friendly. They don’t need expensive ductwork, and they don’t need a window to be installed. These high-performance machines offer unmatched zoning control—you can regulate the temperature in various rooms throughout your home or office with a remote. Their indoor versatility is rapidly making them one of the first-choice AC products around, and we can’t wait to show you why.

US Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to offer all the split services you need, including:

  • Ductless split system installation
  • Ductless split system repair
  • Ductless split system maintenance

Is a Mini-Split System Right for Me?

Gone are the days when installing an air conditioner was a game of guesswork. At US Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer highly personalized consultations. If you’re considering investing in a ductless mini-split air conditioner, you can rely on us to walk you through everything you need to know.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll schedule an on-site visit to assess your indoor cooling needs. As a family-owned business, we refuse to push services that our clients don’t need. Rather, our mission aligns with yours: to get you the best outcome at the best price. We’ll evaluate the scope of the installation job to develop a precise installation blueprint. That way, the quote we give you won’t be a ball figure. Our contracts clearly indicate all service details, including project turnaround times, labor costs, and warranty specifications.

Certified HVAC Contractors

Each member of our fantastic crew is a licensed and insured HVAC contractor. As a company, we take great care to adhere to all local and state codes, as well as product manufacturer guidelines, for our work. As passionate businesspeople, we stay continually up to date with industry developments and product releases. We love helping our clients get the most out of their cooling investments and save energy along the way.

AC Zoning Control

Ductless split air conditioners allow you to program different zones throughout your home. With just one outdoor condenser, you can power up to four unique zones. With an easy-to-use remote control, you can set the perfect temperature (and even turn off the AC) in individual rooms to suit your preference at any given time.

Discover the Mini-Split System Air Conditioning Advantage

Ductless air conditioners offer unmatched temperature control, energy efficiency, and installation versatility. Keep your indoor spaces cool and comfortable—without the hefty price tag. US Air Conditioning & Heating provides all the product know-how you need to discover the mini-split advantage.

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