A Warm & Cozy Home: Have You Been Doing it All Wrong?

A warm and cozy home is but something that fills the hearts of many living in temperate or polar areas with utter joy. To heat one’s household is but no ordinary task: it requires much skill and accuracy even if the concept of doing it feels too simple. Lest we jump to conclusions, it is, without a doubt, unavoidable to make tiny mistakes in the attempt to comfortably heat our homes or raise the temperature to a good level. Many devices have been made with the sole purpose to provide accessible heating, especially during the winter season, and a lot more reasons. To cut the chase, making heating mistakes results in a few instabilities with regard to the heat distribution, installation, and even, its own energy efficiency, which in the long run may or may not take a toll on your electrical bills. With the rise of today’s modern technologies, devices such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) units have been innovated in the pursuit to make the indoor air quality better than usual, and much more manageable in terms of its temperature. Imagine a snowy, freezing day, where you simply long for a little bit of warmth amidst the cold– that is where these HVACs come in absolutely useful, and even, deemed as essential and necessary during similar days and seasons. Therefore, to maximize the potential and functionality of these electronic units, it is ideal to always assess if they are used properly, maintained, and free of any anomalies. But then again, mistakes are often unavoidable, however, the next time around can be prevented with sufficient knowledge and awareness. In this light, here are the common heating mistakes you are making when inside your home:

  1. Immediately increasing thermostat temperature – After a long, cold, and stressful day at work, one may simply long for a home that is warm to destress, relax, and unwind. A common mistake would be immediately increasing or cranking up the temperature, usually to very high temperatures, in an attempt to speed-up the process of heating the room. The negative effect of this is usually reflected in your electrical bills, in which, really, would cause a sudden increase due to the inefficient use of your HVAC or thermostat.
  • Neglecting HVAC maintenance – As much as getting a durable and cost-effective HVAC unit is vital, maintaining it is just as important. With the lack of maintenance, your HVAC unit may simply end up worn-out, or, in the worst case scenario, be completely unusable. This lack of action may lead to the inefficiency of heat distribution and unusually high energy consumption which will affect you and your electrical bills in the long run.
  • Not closing household windows – Not closing your household windows might be one of the things we may simply forget, especially if the first thing we would like to do after a long day outside is to sleep and warm up in the house. Though such a small detail this may seem, this micro act may lead to a macro effect, specifically, a negative one. We must ensure that our windows are closed and tightly locked as this may cause problems in the infiltration of cold air, bringing forth the warm air produced by your HVACs or thermostats to leak water.
  • Leaving your heater open – We get that insatiable feeling of wanting to be warm all the time– it happens. However, we must also note that when we leave our heaters open for far too long, this may cause some troublesome effects. The seemingly evident one is often reflected in our rising electrical bills, and certainly, it is not quite a good sight to be seeing. Doing this, too, may cause our heating units to overheat– it strains the interior system of your HVACs, and it wastes a lot of energy. When this is done too often, serious issues may arise with the efficiency of your heating units.
  • Not changing the air filter – Most HVACs are equipped to have air filters built-in, as this helps in the even distribution of warm air in the room. Being that the case, a dirty air filters blocks the heat from being distributed well, and with that, your heating unit may have to utilize more power and energy to heat-up the room. This is closely related to maintaining your HVAC; air filters should be changed on a regular basis, of course, with the advice of your local electrician/HVAC provider to guide you in doing so.
  • Installing your HVAC yourself – Who knew that installing a simple HVAC unit would require so much skill? Indeed, even installing a heating unit, which at first glance may seem so simple, is truly a task one can also do mistakenly with the lack of guidance and expertise. Failed installations or wrong installations may mean and cause multiple inefficiencies and instabilities which may just do your home more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to contact a licensed HVAC installer in Newbury Park like US Air Conditioning & Heating.
  • Heating an empty house – While it may seem so time-conserving to turn on your heater while you are away to come home to a warm house, this is just as risky in the long run. When having no one in the house to benefit from the heat produced by your HVACs, truly, the better option is to leave it off. With this act, an immediate effect would be an increase in your energy bills.

The abovementioned mistakes may have been committed by some of us, in the attempt to simply enjoy a warm home. Now, with this newfound knowledge, may we be aware of these common mistakes that damage our HVACs and hurt our electrical bills. As regular consumers, we must utilize the resources we have with utmost care to avoid consequences that not only we could suffer from, but also, our environment and the people around us. Contact US Air Conditioning and Heating in Newbury Park for all your HVAC maintenance and repair needs. Let us be vigilant and responsible to avoid bringing forth problems that affect our quality of life. If you follow our guide, you can avoid costly mistakes and keep your Newbury Park home warm during the winter season. Give US Air Conditioning and Heating a call for all your heating maintenance and repairs in Newbury Park today!

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