Signs Your Furnace Heat Exchanger Has Gone Bad

NEGLECTED CONCERN: Warnings that the heat exchanger in your furnace has failed

No idea what a heat exchanger is?

Various residents have no idea what heat exchangers are or where they are located in their property unless something goes horribly wrong among one. Whenever your furnace is in efficient working order, it’s easy to overlook the heat exchanger, which is the furnace’s main component. Furnaces employ heat exchangers to deliver warm air throughout your house. It is a key component of your heating system, and any problems with it will not only cause your furnace to fail, but will also pose major hazards to your home’s health and safety. 

In order to generate heat, your furnace uses combustion gas in a sealed chamber. The heat exchanger plays an essential role in preventing potentially harmful gasses from entering the blower, which is responsible for distributing warm air throughout the ducts and vents in your home. Considering heat exchangers contain flue gas, they must be free of holes, cracks, and other degradation. This sort of degradation, which allows flue gas escape and mixing with the heated air, can lead to inadequate combustion and the creation of carbon monoxide as well as other dangerous byproducts. Although the furnace may not instantly emit carbon monoxide into your home, excessive CO levels make it dangerous to use. Something as simple as a blocked chimney or a damaged exhaust pipe might result in a fatal situation. In order for the heat exchanger to perform its function properly and prevent harmful pollutants from escaping, it is necessary for it to have a seal that is impermeable to air. This will keep pollution from entering the air that you breathe.

Problems with the Heat Exchanger: How to Recognize Them

Unless your furnace is malfunctioning or your carbon monoxide alarm is going off, it is practically impossible to identify whether or not your heat exchanger has developed problems without doing a physical check or testing for CO. This highlights the need of doing routine inspections and maintenance on a consistent basis. Checking the furnace and carrying out a combustion analysis and CO test is the most straightforward method for determining whether or not it is secure to use.

US Air Conditioning and Heating provide quality services and staff that can check and fix your furnace to a top quality standard. Moreover, The said company provides professional and trained individuals to accommodate any problem that is to be considered in repairing. They sustained a reputation of reliable and responsible service and ethics that further signify a sense of professionalism towards clients. If any problems arise with your Furnace Heat Exchanger, US Air Conditioning and Heating is the best company to look for assistance to. 

The following indicators and statements illustrate the “INDICATIONS OF A DAMAGED OR BROKEN FURNACE HEAT EXCHANGER”: 

Abnormal Flame: Presence of Yellow/Orange Flame rather than Blue Flame

The blue color of the flames in a furnace is caused by the fact that the gas is ignited inside a chamber that is then shut off throughout the combustion process. The fact that the gas burners are producing yellow flames is evidence that there is a fracture in the heat exchanger. You need to get in contact with a qualified technician in your region as soon as possible to remove and fix the exchanger, flame sensor, and any other damaged components so that you can avoid a gas leak.

An accumulating mass of dirt in the Furnace Heat Exchanger

If soot and grime have built up in your heat exchanger, this might be an indication that the gas burner is slanted, that the exchanger is damaged, or that another issue of a similar sort is occurring. However, the US Air Conditioning & Heating company will come to your site, do a comprehensive examination of the unit, and then counsel with you about the best way to proceed.

Scents of Formaldehyde are coming from the Furnace.

Have you noticed that your home is starting to smell strongly of a chemical substance? Immediately place a call to a trained contractor to determine whether or not the aromas are being caused by formaldehyde fumes. These vapors are hazardous to the health of both your family and your pet (s). A specialist has the tools and equipment essential to examine and repair problems with the heat exchanger in your gas furnace. These problems may arise for a number of reasons.

The area surrounding the Furnace is beginning to Generate Water.

If condensation is to blame for the puddles that keep developing at the foot of your heat exchanger, you should not be concerned. If, on the other hand, the outside of your furnace is dry, you will need to do an examination to see whether or not the internal drain system is obstructed. In addition, it is essential to inspect the humidifier and the exchanger to see whether or not any of these components has been harmed.

Development of Cracks & Corrosion around the exterior of the Furnace

When a furnace approaches the middle of its life cycle, it is not unusual for it to begin exhibiting indications of degradation. This is to be expected. Even if a little bit of wear and tear on the access panel isn’t a major concern, the heat exchanger in your gas furnace falling apart might lead to a carbon monoxide leak. It is vital to engage a professional technician once a year to verify the gas valve, thermocouple, flame sensor, and electric igniter in your furnace. Additionally, it is also important to evaluate the other components of your furnace.

Why US Air Conditioning and Heating Company?

The US Air Conditioning and Heating Company always follows through and never leaves a task until it is completed correctly and to the full satisfaction of the client. If for some reason anything goes wrong or if the customer is unhappy about something, you can depend on them to come back and make it right. Customers of U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating are offered the most cutting-edge technology and accessories currently on the market for total control and comfort. These include hybrid systems, UVC lighting air sterilizer, whole house air purification systems, energy recovery ventilators, electronic air cleaners, mist or steam humidifiers, zoning controls, infrared wireless and computerized controls & thermostats, humidistats, and dehumidification systems. This regulates the relative humidity inside of your house or place of business, preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

A Warm & Cozy Home: Have You Been Doing it All Wrong?

A warm and cozy home is but something that fills the hearts of many living in temperate or polar areas with utter joy. To heat one’s household is but no ordinary task: it requires much skill and accuracy even if the concept of doing it feels too simple. Lest we jump to conclusions, it is, without a doubt, unavoidable to make tiny mistakes in the attempt to comfortably heat our homes or raise the temperature to a good level. Many devices have been made with the sole purpose to provide accessible heating, especially during the winter season, and a lot more reasons. To cut the chase, making heating mistakes results in a few instabilities with regard to the heat distribution, installation, and even, its own energy efficiency, which in the long run may or may not take a toll on your electrical bills. With the rise of today’s modern technologies, devices such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) units have been innovated in the pursuit to make the indoor air quality better than usual, and much more manageable in terms of its temperature. Imagine a snowy, freezing day, where you simply long for a little bit of warmth amidst the cold– that is where these HVACs come in absolutely useful, and even, deemed as essential and necessary during similar days and seasons. Therefore, to maximize the potential and functionality of these electronic units, it is ideal to always assess if they are used properly, maintained, and free of any anomalies. But then again, mistakes are often unavoidable, however, the next time around can be prevented with sufficient knowledge and awareness. In this light, here are the common heating mistakes you are making when inside your home:

  1. Immediately increasing thermostat temperature – After a long, cold, and stressful day at work, one may simply long for a home that is warm to destress, relax, and unwind. A common mistake would be immediately increasing or cranking up the temperature, usually to very high temperatures, in an attempt to speed-up the process of heating the room. The negative effect of this is usually reflected in your electrical bills, in which, really, would cause a sudden increase due to the inefficient use of your HVAC or thermostat.
  • Neglecting HVAC maintenance – As much as getting a durable and cost-effective HVAC unit is vital, maintaining it is just as important. With the lack of maintenance, your HVAC unit may simply end up worn-out, or, in the worst case scenario, be completely unusable. This lack of action may lead to the inefficiency of heat distribution and unusually high energy consumption which will affect you and your electrical bills in the long run.
  • Not closing household windows – Not closing your household windows might be one of the things we may simply forget, especially if the first thing we would like to do after a long day outside is to sleep and warm up in the house. Though such a small detail this may seem, this micro act may lead to a macro effect, specifically, a negative one. We must ensure that our windows are closed and tightly locked as this may cause problems in the infiltration of cold air, bringing forth the warm air produced by your HVACs or thermostats to leak water.
  • Leaving your heater open – We get that insatiable feeling of wanting to be warm all the time– it happens. However, we must also note that when we leave our heaters open for far too long, this may cause some troublesome effects. The seemingly evident one is often reflected in our rising electrical bills, and certainly, it is not quite a good sight to be seeing. Doing this, too, may cause our heating units to overheat– it strains the interior system of your HVACs, and it wastes a lot of energy. When this is done too often, serious issues may arise with the efficiency of your heating units.
  • Not changing the air filter – Most HVACs are equipped to have air filters built-in, as this helps in the even distribution of warm air in the room. Being that the case, a dirty air filters blocks the heat from being distributed well, and with that, your heating unit may have to utilize more power and energy to heat-up the room. This is closely related to maintaining your HVAC; air filters should be changed on a regular basis, of course, with the advice of your local electrician/HVAC provider to guide you in doing so.
  • Installing your HVAC yourself – Who knew that installing a simple HVAC unit would require so much skill? Indeed, even installing a heating unit, which at first glance may seem so simple, is truly a task one can also do mistakenly with the lack of guidance and expertise. Failed installations or wrong installations may mean and cause multiple inefficiencies and instabilities which may just do your home more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to contact a licensed HVAC installer in Newbury Park like US Air Conditioning & Heating.
  • Heating an empty house – While it may seem so time-conserving to turn on your heater while you are away to come home to a warm house, this is just as risky in the long run. When having no one in the house to benefit from the heat produced by your HVACs, truly, the better option is to leave it off. With this act, an immediate effect would be an increase in your energy bills.

The abovementioned mistakes may have been committed by some of us, in the attempt to simply enjoy a warm home. Now, with this newfound knowledge, may we be aware of these common mistakes that damage our HVACs and hurt our electrical bills. As regular consumers, we must utilize the resources we have with utmost care to avoid consequences that not only we could suffer from, but also, our environment and the people around us. Contact US Air Conditioning and Heating in Newbury Park for all your HVAC maintenance and repair needs. Let us be vigilant and responsible to avoid bringing forth problems that affect our quality of life. If you follow our guide, you can avoid costly mistakes and keep your Newbury Park home warm during the winter season. Give US Air Conditioning and Heating a call for all your heating maintenance and repairs in Newbury Park today!

The Great Impact of Annual AC maintenance

Temperatures have increased to huge extents that we cannot control. We rely on these Air-Conditioners to counteract the very unsettling heat waves, however if forgotten to maintain these said Air-Conditioners, are you ready to face costly repairment for untimely breakdowns? Licensed Professionals from US Air Conditioning advise and recommend getting your AC an annual plan for maintenance, professional check and tune-up that will benefit you and your family’s future. Annual AC maintenance is like an oil change for your car, it has needs and requirements for it to function as you desire it to. Moreover, if you fail to meet these essential maintenance requirements, you might experience your unit to breakdown and must pay a significant amount of money for its repair. Which in turn will also affect your bills and the temperature of your home. 

Reasons why AC maintenance is Important

Prevention from spending more than you invested.

In most scenarios, having a potential repair issue is best fixed earlier than ever, rather than suffer a greater loss and expense when faced later on. With these said Annual maintenance, unforeseen malfunctions of your unit will inevitably be avoided. The concept of AC maintenance is to cut your unit’s likelihood of expensive malfunctions by 95%. It will voluntarily stop you from making additional repair-related investments in the future. Additionally, regular maintenance enables your A/C system to operate “near to peak efficiency,” which translates to a 30% reduction in your energy bills. Additionally, these Annual Maintenance do a great deal for your system because it can also help extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. In retrospect it means attaining the most value out of a very significant investment in the comfort of your own home.

Your air quality will depend on its HVAC system

A HVAC system does more than just provide heating and cooling. Whenever a HVAC system relies on a heat pump, outdoor air is being brought into your home along with the air’s pollutants. And when relying on a furnace for heat, it is also producing by-products that can possibly pollute the air you inhale. Without HVAC maintenance, these said pollutants will invade and cling the inside of your ductwork and filters, proceeding to a risk for molds and bacteria to grow. US Air Conditioning prevents this kind of matter by cleaning or replacing the air filter so that cleaner air will roam your home. They will also clean the air ducts for a filtered/clean air quality for your home. The US Air Conditioning and Heating preventative maintenance package also gives your HVAC a thorough checkup. Licensed technicians will determine if your unit has: malfunctioning or broken components, dirty and grimy coils, leaks, and other specific issues.

Maintenance that will improve your comfort daily

During this summer, you will more likely depend on coming home with a nice and relaxing feeling of cold air produced by your air conditioner. The US Air Conditioning will help maintain your unit’s system to produce as well as distribute quality air more steadily and evenly. Additionally, they will also partake in cleaning your ductwork to ensure that your home cools as efficiently as possible. Maintenance will also avoid your unit to unexpectedly breakdown in the middle of a heat crisis, Technicians of the US Air Conditioning will closely check what minor adjustments and repairs that will help ensure your unit to run all year round.

Partake in the modern Air Conditioning Industry

Climate change is an issue we cannot control. It is frighteningly progressing and getting worse by the second. In order to save the earth before it’s too late, everyone must take a role in solving this prominent issue. For our planet to be more sustainable we must assess and adapt to specific changes that would help lessen the effects of climate change. It is said that Air Conditioning is one of the many that wildly contributes to making climate change a lot worse. And for that, the US Air Conditioning company has modernized its HVAC technology to increase energy efficiency. The said advancements and modernized units will not only increase energy-saving but keeping a well-maintained Air-Conditioning system will likely consume less fuel than an insufficient unit.

How can US Air provide quality maintenance?

US Air gives priority to your unit as if its theirs, they will perform thorough checking of your unit and provide the best replacements and components when needed. They believe that it is prominent to have your ducts and filters checked and cleaned regularly to unsure that the air you breathe is top notch. US Air also makes sure that any bacteria, molds, and air pollution will not enter your home, they will keep being sensitive about the customers health and ensure that your wellbeing is handled with care along with these modernized technologies.  

The company also considers your own personal budget for these installments and maintenance. US Air are masters at determining what problems your unit or system is experiencing, they will use top quality products from all brands along with technical training, expertise, tools, and replacement parts to ensure your unit or system is perfectly working 24/7. However, with all these high-quality services, they will not overcharge you. The US Air company believes in the notion of “We charge by the job not by the hour”. The company also offers contractors who are dependable. If you hear noises or witnessed drips, US Air will assist you right away.

US Air is one of the finest Heating & Air Conditioning companies in Los Angeles and Ventura. They have talented and expert professionals that will ensure that your Air Conditioner is running at the optimum level all year round. They are also factory trained for dealing with every Air conditioner on the current market. Furthermore, as soon as you contact the company, they will treat you like family and be a friendly neighborhood HVAC service company in the area. And on top of that, they only offer $75 for maintenance of your unit. 

Is Your AC Ready for the Summer Heat?

Summer is rapidly approaching. It’s time to get a professional check and tune-up for your cooling system before the San Fernando Valley heat hits. It’s advisable to get your air conditioner ready as soon as possible to provide a comfortable house 24 hours a day, seven days a week during these hot and humid days. Being proactive with your air conditioning unit is a requirement to maintain a cool and comfortable home during the summer months. For the system to run at maximum capacity, you’ll need to add air conditioner tune-up to your summer to-do list.  If you neglect or ignore your unit’s tune-up service, you risk a costly breakdown, higher energy bills, and an uncomfortably hot house. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, gives you an immediate return on your investment.

 The following are included in a professional tune-up service:

  • Complete inspection
  • Cleaning of the outdoor unit, condenser coils, ductwork and filters
  • Calibrating of thermostat
  • Checking of coolant level
  • Minor repair issues

Top 3 reasons to get a Summer AC Inspection

  1. Improves the system’s performance and efficiency

With the arrival of summer, you’ll need to operate your air conditioner for significant periods of time every day. As a result, you must ensure that the system is operating at maximum efficiency. A comprehensive tune-up ensures a high-performing cooling system as well as a cooler and more pleasant house.

  • Prevents unwanted service or emergency calls

What if your air conditioner broke down in the middle of a hot summer day? An unplanned breakdown would require costly repairs. Take advantage of US Air Conditioning and Heating preventative maintenance package to avoid untimely breakdowns.

  • Increases your A/C lifespan

Do you want your AC System to last longer? Your A/C needs some pampering and regular care and maintenance in order to live a long life. You can extend the life of your cooling system for years with a professional tune-up from US Air Conditioning.

Top 4 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Repairing an air conditioner is a difficult task that you probably don’t want to tackle on your own. However, the information you provide your HVAC specialist will be the first factor they consider when determining whether or not your air conditioner requires repair. If that’s the case, these are some of the things you might tell them when you call them. These are also indicators that you should make that phone call, as these issues are likely to worsen before they improve.

  1. Poor Air Flow From Air Conditioner

This is a very common symptom of air-conditioning issues, and it can be caused by a variety of factors. Simply put, if you place your hand near to the vent, you will see that there is very little, if any, airflow.

If you have this problem, you should contact us straight away because it’s very probable that it’s just a maintenance issue that has to be addressed. Second, even though your air conditioner is no longer cooling the room, it is still drawing a lot of electricity, which means you are paying for something you aren’t getting.

  • Constant Cycling On and Off

Humidity issues are one of the problems that frequently arise as a result of constant on and off. It’s possible that your air conditioner is too big for your home or company if it cycles very quickly. This is something you should have an HVAC specialist look into because you might be able to get by with a smaller system and get more efficient performance from it.

Call a professional if you continually hearing the unit turn on and off, even if you are getting adequate cooling from it.

  • Air Conditioner is Running, But Not Cooling

Your air conditioner is always running but the house isn’t cooling, which is a major sign that you have an AC problem. This could originate from a variety of places. It’s possible that you have a clogged filter that needs to be replaced. It’s also possible that air leaks have occurred in the ductwork, reducing the amount of airflow that the air conditioner can deliver to the rooms.

This is a problem that you should absolutely have an HVAC specialist check into. There are so many possible causes that narrowing them down and determining which one is the culprit might be difficult. You can end up hurting yourself if you try to address the problem yourself.

  • My Power Bills Are Very High After Running the AC

The costs of cooling a huge room with doors that are continually being opened and closed are unavoidable. However, even if the temperature stays the same, and those prices continue to rise dramatically, there is almost certainly a problem. The unit may be working far harder than it needs to chill the area, and there could be a variety of reasons for this, but only an HVAC professional will be able to determine what they are. The best time to contact an air conditioner repair business is as soon as you notice a problem. Call US Air Conditioning and Heating, our trained technicians will diagnose your problems and provide a solution!

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