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The importance of heating and cooling systems are often overlooked and taken for granted in our day-to-day lives. We love to enjoy our time spent in rooms that are of a comfortable and controlled temperature. Without the proper HVAC systems, these integral aspects of our lives would not be functioning, and our health, safety and enjoyment of life would be greatly compromised. Family moments are heartwarming, but when the winter chill creeps in, only a proper furnace will keep you warm from the inside out. At U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, we specialize in all things HVAC. We have the knowledge and experience to take on projects both large and small. We have experience working in residential settings. We have the knowledge and skills to install, repair and service any make or model of various HVAC systems. If there’s a problem, we at U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating are sure to find a solution!

When the team at U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating founded our business, we founded it with one basic belief that has managed to last throughout all these years. This belief is to treat customers as if they were family. Along with this belief, the commitment to delivering a high-quality service at a fair cost is always doable, and is an aspect of the U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating standard of quality that we are not willing to compromise.

HVAC services you can depend on

At U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer round-the-clock emergency service in case of any HVAC system failures that may leave your home or business at risk of not being properly air-controlled. We understand that proper air control is of maximum importance, and that is why we ensure that our friendly staff is always at your disposal. We take pride in the fact that our customers have come to know and depend on our quality service, and we intend to foster this relationship that we have worked so hard to build for years to come.

U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating is more than just a business, it’s a family. From the moment that you first contact one of our friendly team members over the phone or in person, you will feel as if you are a part of it. And that’s because you are. Our business would be nowhere without our valued customers with whom we’ve worked hard over the years to build such wonderful relationships with. We try to give back as much as we can, and we do this by continuing to provide a consistent service that is high-quality and affordable.

U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating will work with your budget and give you the best possible solution for your indoor air quality needs. Whether you just want us to keep your existing heating or air conditioning system running for as long as possible or it is time to consider a new system, we’ll never oversell you. We offer the best pricing on new installs and replacement of existing units. Our experienced heating and air contractors will make you glad you called us. Why? Because we care deeply about our customers and treat your air conditioning unit or furnace/heat pump as though it were our own, often times saving our customers money in the long run by updating their home with new air conditioning or heating equipment rather than costly repairs. Many of our customers have invested in a new air conditioner or heating system and found that within a very short time it can pay for itself especially since we have some of the most competitive prices in the market. It costs a lot to keep an old system running because it uses much more energy to cool or heat a home with an inefficient heating and air conditioning unit. The modern air conditioning and heating equipment is very energy saving and our customers say their bills can be reduced by as much as 30%. That’s significant in today’s economy! There are also tax credits that you can earn when you purchase a new air conditioning unit or heat pump/furnace which will help you when it comes time to do your taxes.

Ask about our planned maintenance services for your air conditioning or heating systems that will keep them running perfectly 24 hours a day. Don’t wait until a heat spell or a cold snap to have us fix your air conditioner or heater. For only $75 we’ll come out and clean, service and tune up your air conditioning unit or your furnace/heater. Our talented and expert professionals will keep all your air conditioners or heaters running at optimum levels at all times. We are Customer Care dealers, a nationally recognized group of air conditioning and heating repair experts who have the knowledge necessary to repair, service and install air conditioning and heating systems.

We offer same day service for heater or air conditioner repair in most cases. We are also factory- trained to deal with every possible heater or air conditioning system that is on the market or in our area’s homes. We charge by the job not by the hour which saves you money and frees you from worry that someone is possibly overcharging you for air conditioning or heating repair. We also offer great financing options which will help you get into that new air conditioning system you need to keep your home cool in the hot summers we have.

If you need residential air conditioning or heating repair or service, you can trust the expert HVAC professionals at U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating. For over 30 years we have been making our customers extremely happy and comfortable in their homes.

U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC

Find out why U. S. Air of the great Los Angeles and Ventura is the area’s finest Heating & Air Conditioning Company. Call us at (818) 207-1245 to find out why so many call us for all their HVAC needs. We have been making completely satisfied heating and air customers in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura area for many years. We are a totally full-service heating and air conditioning company that has unrivaled expertise and the most highly trained service technicians in the area. Whether you need your furnace or air conditioner repaired, heat pump serviced or any type of heating and air conditioning service, we’ll have the expertise, high quality replacement parts and industry excellence needed to get all repairs or installation done as quickly as possible. You can trust the U. S. Air name to hire only the most qualified and experienced HVAC professionals that have the most technical knowledge and experience with all the major brands that are sold in our country today. We believe that indoor air quality is of utmost importance. It is important to have your ducts and filters checked regularly to make sure that the air you breathe is of the finest quality possible. Because of so many allergies and breathing related illnesses in our area, having the healthiest air to breathe is of vital importance. Our world class professionals perform their repairs or installations always making sure that their customers have the finest replacement parts and original heating and air products. You will appreciate our skill at diagnostics and we are prepared to fix or repair any HVAC problem with your furnace, heat pump, air conditioning system or heater. We are completely trained whether you need residential heating repair or residential air conditioning repair. Maybe you want to explore the possibility of purchasing a new heating and air system; we’ll provide the highest quality products in America if you need a brand new heater or furnace. Our heater installation is done by our most experienced technicians. Heater replacement or furnace replacement are our specialty but U. S. Air will never oversell you. We’ll consider your personal budget and will try to keep your existing unit running for many years to come. However, if your energy bills are through the roof because your older unit is inefficient, our customers tell us that their post-installation energy bills were significantly reduced when their energy-efficient systems were installed. Our customers tell us that their new heating and air systems pay for themselves in a very short time. We are Customer Care dealers, which mean you are guaranteed the repair staff on your site are licensed, bonded and certified. Ask about our pre-season checkup which is affordable and will keep everything running in perfect order during a cold snap or heat wave. We are masterful at finding out quickly what any problems might be but we’ll never shortchange you. We always provide the most diligent and scrupulous attention to detail. We have very patient and highly qualified heating and cooling professionals who will carefully analyze the heater or ac problems you are having and provide excellent and dependable service or repair for your system. We have the latest technical training, expertise, tools and replacement parts that will keep your systems running for many years to come. Because it is absolutely imperative to have consistent, regular maintenance on your residential heating and cooling systems, our affordable semi-annual or annual maintenance plans will keep you comfortable year round. It is always nice to have a very dependable heating and cooling contractor who will also provide routine maintenance to keep everything in tip top shape. If you are hearing any noises or are seeing drips anywhere, let us take care of you right away. Don’t wait for those super sweltering days to occur and have an interruption in your cooling operation. We want to make sure that your experience with us will make you 100% satisfied that your heating and air unit is in the best condition all day and all night throughout the year. Our goal is to make you totally happy that your heater, furnace, heat pump or air conditioning units are running at peak efficiency. We make sure that clean filters are just the beginning of your regular maintenance. We will change the filters when we service your unit and we have all the nation’s highest quality replacement parts for all brands.

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